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Bayonne Ham (Jambon de Bayonne)

The classic air dried ham of 'la Pays Basque'. The Annual Ham Fair. The orgins and method of production.....view article


Foie Gras, the Myth, and the facts.

An explanation of the ethical production methods used by our supplier. The history of Foie Gras, the various terms used to describe it and how best to use it. ....view article


Irouleguy - The Smallest AOC in France

A vineyard in the heart of the mountains. Irouleguy France's smallest appellation has big plans and grand ambition.....view article


Ossau-Iraty AOC - Fromagerie Agour. The World Champion Cheeses of the French Basque Country, 'Supreme Champions' The World Cheese Award 2006 and 2011

The Basque country (le Pays Basque) that small triangle of of south West France tucked away between the vast pine forests of Les Landes to the North, the enormity of the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the uncompromising rocky heights of the Pyrenees to the South. For untold generations the Basques have tended their flocks of sheep, goats, and their herds of cattle in these green foothills. The warm moist climate produces excellent grazing land and ensures that the local cheese, producers have plentiful supplies of the milk to produce the various cheeses that make up the AOC Ossau/Iraty.....view article


Pepper, Pepper, and Espelette pepper. The Basque pepper. With a touch of Armagnac thrown in.

Some musing's on the Annual 'Fete du Piment'. The Espelette Pepper Festival.....view article